Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Knitting Mini-Bunny Loves

Hello Friends!
I finished up my Mini-Bunny Loves this morning.
Aren't they just the cutest!!
Susan B. Anderson is the designer,
and her directions are fantastic.
The bunnies are seamless,
which is great for small pieces,
and when you are finished, you are truly finished!
You will find the pattern here.

You will notice that the green sweater has buttons,
but the red violet one does not…
that is Maggie's bunny, and I don't want her to choke on a button!
But, you know, Mags & Charlie live in the same house,
share the same playroom, etc….
so I hope I haven't made a mistake by
sewing buttons on Charlie's bunny.
If so, it's easily remedied.
Speaking of the buttons,
aren't they cute?
I purchased them from Laura Sheppard at
Laura is a delight to work with,
so go check out her awesome buttons!

Hope you are enjoying a nice day.
Thanks for popping in!
Peace to you and yours.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Four Days of Play

Cas Holmes arrived at our house on Tuesday afternoon,
and playtime commenced!
We really had a ball.
She was a delightful guest,
and fit right in to our quirky routines.
We were all very sad when Saturday arrived,
and she had to fly on to Phoenix.
but I've seen photos of her new home,
and I know she is having a great time there too!

We spent a lot of time in my 'wet' studio,
pasting, painting, stamping, dyeing, etc.

When things dried, we'd take them into the house
and start sewing them.
(Poor Cas also ran into our resident black snake
on her first afternoon going from the studio to our house!
Fortunately she didn't go into shock!)

We hiked to the top of Amicalola Falls on Wednesday.

Cas brought along her sketchbook
and did a bit of drawing and painting.
It was a glorious day
and the wildflowers were blooming beautifully everywhere.

Our first hummingbirds of the season 
arrived at our feeders this week as well.
Cas had never seen a hummingbird,
and this one kept teasing her
to get her camera and photograph it.

I always have my iPhone in my pocket,
so I snapped a few quick pics.

We enjoyed lunch at Avocados
 on the Square in Gainesville
on Thursday.
Love the old lampposts on the Square

I got a bit more paper and fabric collaging 
done in the afternoons.

I'll be cutting these up 
and reassembling them…..
and of course adding hand and machine stitch.
So much fun!
Cas has opened a whole new avenue
for me….
at just the right time in my life!
…….and she added new little snippets of goodies
to my stash:

When I use these, I shall remember her visit

 Cas even cooked us dinner one evening!
She is a vegetarian,
so made us a yummy curry.

C couldn't resist 'helping' in the kitchen!

I hope that you will have the opportunity
to take a class with Cas Holmes…..
she is so much more than a fabulous artist.
You will enjoy her as a person as well!

thanks for stopping in

Peace to you and yours

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Machine Quilting the Snow-Dyed Table Runner

I spent a good bit of yesterday
machine quilting the snow-dyed fabric
that I am making into a summer table runner for our dining room.
I decided to go a bit mad with the thread colors,
and it makes me smile the entire time
I work on it!

The flowers are very abstract and whimsical -
I'll bet you've never seen any like these before!

I hope you are finding a bit of 
colorful whimsy in your life these days!

Thanks for popping in!


Monday, April 07, 2014

Cas Holmes Class Day Three

Yesterday was our third and final class day with 
Cas Holmes.
We accomplished a lot in three days
and I think we all were really stretched.
I finally found the courage
to cut into most of my large glued pieces
and made them into smaller works.
We free motion stitched and then cut away segments -
it was thrilling to see how the pieces were transformed.
The piece above is composed mainly of paper,
with a portion of a hanky on the right side.
I have yet to stitch on it,
but it is pasted together
and will receive much attention soon.

The piece below is composed of cotton with
a bit of scrim
(upper right in red violet),
and more of the hanky beneath it.

It was part of a much larger piece 
which was divided unequally into four.
I have done some hand stitching on it
and some free motion embroidery.
I will probably add more to it.

I love the piece below

All three works contain
pieces of 'the hanky'.
This one also has bits of paper -
both tissue and a label from a bottle.
I've done machine stitching but no handwork yet.

Here we all are yesterday afternoon:

back l to r: Martha, Karen, me, Cas
front: Sandy & Rene.

Rene flew in from New Mexico,
but the rest of us are local.
Rene will follow Cas to San Diego 
where she will take another two rounds of classes from her.
Lucky girl!!
We were so fortunate to have just five of us in the class.
Cas was able to give us each so much individual attention.
She will give a lecture tomorrow evening 
at 6:30 at the SEFAA Center,
so if you are in Atlanta, 
you definitely should attend.

Cas will spend a few days here with me
(yes: lucky girl here too!),
and then she will fly to Phoenix to teach,
before heading to California.

On a totally different note,
we have had heavy rains overnight.
When I returned home from radiation this morning,
I snapped the picture below:

An hour later, I snapped this picture:

My beautiful Adirondack chairs are now
totally engulfed in water
our dock, canoe and my beloved kayak
have floated over to the right
(you can't even see my bright orange kayak 
in the second picture!).
It is still raining,
and probably will all day!
I love it, but wish it would slow down a little!

thanks for popping in!

peace to you and yours!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Day Two with Cas Holmes

a great day where we combined 
machine stitch with pieces
we had collaged yesterday
I failed to photograph my favorite piece
from today…..
hopefully I'll share it tomorrow

tonight's continuous line drawing
and collage

thanks for stopping by

peace to you and yours

Friday, April 04, 2014

A Day with Cas Holmes

I'm taking a wonderful 3-day workshop with
at the SEFAA Center in Atlanta.

I think I must have snapped this picture
the one and only time that Cas was NOT smiling.
She is a joy to be with….
sorry if you are missing out!

We did a lot of playing around with fibers today.

painting, stamping, monoprinting,
adhering one to another

and as the class progresses,
we will join some of our pieces together
with stitch.

We are learning to make do with what we have,
which, to me, calls to mind 
the term wabi sabi.
I am enjoying this looseness of work,
or play.

Our homework for this evening 
is to do two continuous line drawings.
Here's my first

The second must contain collaged elements

I'm a bit challenged,
as we are at the condo and most of my art supplies
are at home.
So this is my best attempt.
wabi sabi

The journal I am using was a gift from
It is wonderful!
Each page is a bit different from the last,
and the pen is just what I needed tonight!
One end is a great pen:

and the other is a glue stick:

Thank you, dear Jeannie!

We are off to get a bite to eat,
and then I'm afraid it'll be early to bed
for me!

thanks for stopping by!

peace to you and yours!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A week's worth of sewing & knitting

In my clean-up mode, 
I'm finishing up lots of projects
that have been calling my name
in my sewing room.
I had dyed the above silk almost a year ago,
but finally got around to 
making lavender sachets with it.

Did you know that lavender is great
for keeping moths away from wool?
I've placed the new sachets in all of 
my sweater drawers and yarn stash.

Speaking of sweaters, I finished my 
Hemingway Boyfriend Cardigan
last weekend.

All the ends are woven in,
it's blocked,
it's photographed on my Ravelry page!

The yarn is very soft and warm,
and the fit is extremely comfortable.
I love the pockets.
I had deliberated about knitting them,
but I love how they look, so I'm glad I went the extra mile.

I also finished my 
I haven't had a chance to wear it yet,
but I'm sure I will soon.

I love the little nupps, and am so happy that I 
learned to perfect them!

I had a brief hiatus from radiation this week.
The machine that treats me was out of commission for three days!
I was glad to get to sleep in the extra half hour,
but also sad that I missed three treatments and will now
have to make them up at the end of April.
Oh well, c'est la vie!
I was also a bit over zealous at the gym on Wednesday,
and tore a fragment of one of my pecs -
so, sadly, no weight lifting for a WEEK.
I love that class and sometimes think that that 
is what keeps me sane.

We enjoyed Horizon Theater's production of
Elemeno Pea this afternoon.
It runs through April 13th,
so if you are in the area, do see it!

Lastly, one of my art idols,

will be teaching a 3-day workshop at the 
SEFAA Center in Atlanta
April 4-6.
There are still just a few spots open,
so if you are interested,
check it out here.
I am over the moon excited about this class.
It is like a dream come true for me -
in fact, I had to get a special dispensation from my Radiologist
so that I could skip a treatment
in order to be with this fabulous artist!
Don't miss this opportunity!!

Happy Spring!
Thanks for popping in!

Peace to you and yours!